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Love is the Answer Play

E.H.I.S (House of Auditory Habilitation and Training)

On 29 Jun 2018

About this project

It’s our end-of-the-year ceremony that we do every year to help our kids in surpassing their fear and anxiety, standing on the stage, and speaking their minds through their voice. This year our play was titled “Is this the answer?”, and it represented the fact that love is the answer to everything. The play also had singing and dancing sketches.

How the donation was used

Rent for the stage. Accommodation expenses such as clothing, sound equipment, etc.

The impact on the community

The audience and parents of kids expressed positive feedback and enthusiasm for their children’s capabilities. Also, the kids were able to get over their fear and disabilities and present something new.


Boys and girls ages range between 3 and 26 years and 20 tutors, 600 audiences.

Success stories

Lana’s mother: “I’m the mother of a student at the center, Lana (4 years old). Ever since I enrolled my daughter in the center, and with time passing by, I had the sense that she’s being taken care of properly by people who appreciate education and who are sincere to the message they hold, and they’re trying to improve our children’s capabilities to the highest levels. I even didn’t find any difficulty with teaching my daughter because the teachers there are well educated and can properly deal with kids, and I am so happy that my daughter dance on the stage”

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