Social activities


Saint Georges Scout (Syriac Orthodox Church)

From 15 to 17 June 2018

About this project

The project is a set of mental and motivational games, It attracts a section of children and aims to develop their motivational and mental skills.

How the donation was used

The donation was divided into several parts, manufacturing the games took the biggest part, the arrangement and preparations of the place also took part, execution of the project, part for publicity and advertising and last but not least stationery and transportation costs.

The impact on the community

Through the daily and direct evaluation, the project achieved its developmental goal and contributed to the social rapprochement between participants from all social categories.


The estimated number of children is 500 (ages range between 8 and 17 years) and 125 tutors.

Success stories

We discovered artistic talents of the team by taking a part of their distinctive drawings, designs and special touches on the games that were manufactured locally. Adding to that, well directing of the project.

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