The idea of Study zone was to create a space where students can study at their own pace and at any time in an inspirational environment. The three-zones available in the study zone; the social zone, the quiet and the silent zone all share the same qualities of providing the basic needs like electricity, internet access, heating etc. the only thing that differs is the level of allowed social interaction between the students to ensure an inspiring and productive studying experience suitable for every single student.



OUR spread

  • Aleppo - Al Villat
  • Damascus - Bab Touma
  • Homs - Nouzha
  • Homs - Al Arman
  • Homs - Mahatta
  • Homs - Al Adawia
  • Al Mouzeina
  • Homs - Al Hamidiye
  • Latakia - Ziraa 1
  • Latakia - Ziraa 2
  • Latakia - 8 Azar
  • Latakia- St Andrews
  • Tartus - Khrab