Youth Program
Study Zone
Opening Science Zone Center in Aleppo

November 2023

In response to the great demand for a study area where all studying requirements are met, the concept of the study zone has also been implemented in the city of Aleppo after its success in other cities such as Homs, Latakia, and Damascus.  The Study Zone-Aleppo opened its doors on November 22, 2023, in the presence of Bishop Hanna Jallouf of the Latin Church, Cardinal Mario Zenari, and many other heads of Christian Churches. The ceremony included an introductory tour of the center with its main three sections; Silent, Quiet, and Social zones, and a demonstration of the services it provides; drawing tables for architecture students, dental tools for dentistry students, in addition to a variety of printing services.Many students who attended the opening, shared their excitement for the study zone, highlighting the very positive effect this project will have on their academic journey.

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